Merry Christmas!

Mark Zanzig/zettpress

A busy year nears its end. It’s been an exciting year, even if sometimes a bit challenging, especially considering the past few months of economic mayhem. I am sure that we will survive in 2009 – more about this in a separate post. :-)

Now is the time to think back, to rest, and to celebrate. And to say “Thank You”!

And so we want to thank our customers, big and small, our partners, our colleagues, and last but not least – we want to thank you. 400,000+ individuals visited this year, a slight decrease from the 470,000 visitors we saw last year but still very good compared to other sites. We served about 2.7 million pages in total. Thus, Petra and myself would like to thank you for visiting our site.

Without you, our life would be very different and quite boring.

Merry Christmas!

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