Lightroom 2.2 available

Adobe continues it’s upgrade (bug-fix) bonanza for its popular Lightroom software. On Monday, version 2.2 was released. It now supports the Canon EOS 5D mark II.

In addition, Adobe claims that several bugs have been fixed, including this nasty one:

Lightroom could become unresponsive when using the graduated filter under certain conditions

No mentioning of improved performance, so folks with high-end computers may continue to see mediocre performance from Lightroom. I have not even made the step towards 2.1 (mostly due to the mixed user feedback), and before I go for 2.2 I will closely monitor the reports of others.

Anyway, if Adobe keeps this pace, we will see Lightroom 4 around summer 2009. ;-)

### UPDATE 05-JAN-09 ###

Looks like this minor release has gone wrong big time, and it looks like you should NOT upgrade to version 2.2. Gordon McKinney was one of the first to report a serious memory leak in LR 2.2 for Windows that seems to be linked to the use of the (improved) Adjustment Brush and Gradient Filters. Adobe has confirmed the existence of this bug. Ouch. Lightroom’s stability has taken a big hit this time, and it seems to affect the system stability as well. Rolling back to version 2.1 or earlier seems to be also a challenge for a lot of users. I will definitely skip the 2.2 release.

As a consequence, emotions are peaking at the Adobe Forums over this mediocre minor release. Adobe had the same problem with version 1.4 which had to be rolled back and was quickly replaced by 1.4.1 which has always been reliable. I agree with the folks who find it bizarre that Adobe is unable to get solid software out 18+ months after the launch of a product. One can’t help thinking that they just throw beta software at paying customers who then do the testing for Adobe.

Meanwhile Adobe reported solid results for Q4/2008, but they will still fire 600 employees. I just hope that they don’t cut too much into the Lightroom team. If they do, they may not be able to fix the revenue problem they are facing (growth was less than 1%). Lightroom is certainly one of the key products that will help Adobe with this.

### UPDATE 03-MAR-09 ###

Adobe has released version 2.3 of Lightroom. If you have been working with the buggy version 2.2, I strongly recommend to update to version 2.3 which seems to be much more solid than version 2.2!

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