Free Canada PDF Calendar 2009 released

Gazing at the afternoon sun on Vancouver Island
Mark Zanzig/

The end is near! Well, at least the end of the year is near. So it’s time to think of getting a 2009 calendar. Look no further! Maybe you’ve found it. :-)

Following a good tradition at, we provide you this year again with a free PDF calendar containing photos from our trip to West Canada. Especially when money is tight, you might find a good use for that color printer at the office that is so rarely used? Why not take that good paper and print out a little gift for yourself to stick to the wall?

Anyway, here is the link:

Zanzig’s free Canada calendar for 2009

What? You don’t like our Canada calendar? Downloaded it the past couple of years and now tired of seeing the same pictures again? Hmmm. Then why not have a look at our free Namibia calendar for 2009? It’s certainly more exotic than the Canadian one. Dunes, giraffes, zebra, sunsets – it’s all there:

Zanzig’s free Namibia calendar for 2009


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