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While we were in St.-Peter-Ording recently, I have been thinking a lot about my mother. St.-Peter was one of her favourite spots, along with the Baltic Sea, and the South of France. Apart from being my mother, she was also an artist – a painter, and I would say a talented one (not that I know anything of painting). She began painting in the 1980s, so she was a late-starter, but she soon managed to paint beautiful pictures of her favourite spots, mostly landscapes. She had smaller exhibitions in and around her hometown of Kiel/Germany, but never got a big publicity or global exposure.


Oil Painting by Inga Zanzig
Farmer’s House in Southern France (1992)
Oilpainting by Inga Zanzig
Copyright © 2007 The Zanzig Archive/Mark Zanzig/ 

Almost three years ago, she had her last exhibition, and Petra and myself could not join her vernissage on 1st April 2004, because we were in South Africa at that time. Nine months later, on 22nd December 2004, she died of cancer. The cancer was only discovered in August of the year. It grew quickly and violently, and all her treatments failed miserably.

Well, anyway, the other day I decided to get out all her paintings and to do high-end reproductions with my digital camera. The result is stunning: the camera seems to capture even small dents in the texture of the paint extremely well, and so I am proud to present her paintings to the wider public in a new gallery, using the new high-end reproductions of her paintings. (You may notice that some of the pictures take longer than usual to load. I had to make a tough decision between image quality and image size, and I went for the quality.)

If you like Inga’s paintings and want to decorate your home with her work, please feel free to contact me. Now that the reproductions are available (many of them close to 16 Megapixel), I can do glossy high-end prints (up to 23.6″ x 15.7″) from all her paintings.

Gallery of Inga Zanzig’s Oil Paintings
Inga Zanzig – Her Life in Photos (in German)

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