4th of November. Election Day. Your Day!

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Today is an important day.

In case you have not noticed, it’s Election Day. It’s important for the country, for the world, but first and foremost – it’s important for YOU!

Your vote can make a change, an essential change that certainly will influence not just your life, but the lives of many people. Around the planet. For the years to come.

Just imagine, you’d wake up tomorrow and your first thoughts are, “geez, now we have this clown as president for the next couple of years. I should have done something!” – Then it will be too late. Then you will realize that you could have done something. But the chance will be gone for another half decade. Tomorrow it’ll be useless to complain. Today is the day to make yourself heard.

So, please, please, please, do yourself a favor and vote! For once, stop surfing the Web, right now, and VOTE. Bookmark this page, close the browser, turn off the computer, go to your polling place – and then vote. Then come back and continue surfing. :-)

Now, if you think, your vote does not make a difference, think again! If you believe that your candidate has made it already, then you are wrong. All the polls and predictions are completely worthless unless YOU make your vote. Every single vote counts. Your vote counts. And yes, you can make a difference!

You’ve seen the candidates over the past couple of months and weeks, and you (should) know by now who should run the country. You know what’s good for you. You know who to vote for. But knowledge is not enough. You will have to move your body over to the voting booth and make your vote. Protesting does not help. Complaining does not help. Ranting does not help. Just voting helps.

Just think of it – today is your chance to prove to the world that the United States of America are a truly democratic country, a fantastic place that deserves respect. So why not make a solid statement and show that respect to everyone?

And while you’re at it, why not ask your friends and neighbors and colleagues and everybody you know to join you? Convince them to vote as well. Explain the importance to them. Make them understand, and make them feel proud about voting. Their votes do count, too. Just as your vote does. All of you, vote! Be the change you wish to see in the world!

The future – it’s in your hands. Don’t let it drop.


Mark Zanzig

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