Lightroom 2.1 available

Just a quick notice – the update to Lightroom 2.0 is now available for download (Adobe registration required). It will update the existing version to version 2.1. I have not done any testing of this version, and based on the mixed feedback in Adobe’s user-to-user forums, I will wait for some time before doing the upgrade.

While Lightroom 2.0 is quite slow lately and sometimes crashes on my system, it still works OK most of the time, thus I do not feel the immediate need for the upgrade. Better wait and see what others are reporting on this new minor release. :-)

BTW, Adobe’s readme file for version 2.1 confirms that they were having issues with memory leaks both in the Library and the Develop module, leading to “decreased Lightroom performance”. I had always suspected this. A bunch of minor bugs have apparently been fixed as well, e.g. (one aspect of) the undo bug, and the crop aspect ratio bug.

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