Server Problems – Here’s What Happened

Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Yesterday we were facing yet another gloomy day with a server outage. We apologize for this.

Here’s what happened.

Four weeks ago we had to move to a complete new server as the old system was running on the same sturdy Linux box since August 2004. The operating system was outdated and apparently an invitation for hackers. And indeed someone had gained access to the system and tried to attack other computers from our system. This was spotted and interrupted by our Internet provider, and we agreed to move all sites to a new server with a current operating system.

Unfortunately, this brand new server is not as solid as the old one in terms of reliability. Two weeks ago, just after two weeks of operation, the server stopped serving pages – due to a harddisk failure! It had to be replaced by the provider, and then the O/S had to be re-installed, the accounts had to be configured again, and the backups had to be put into place.

Yesterday, like two weeks ago, the hard disk of the server was giving us error messages AGAIN. But this time our administrator, Dennis, was clearly on top of the situation as he spotted the issue prior to a total breakdown. We reported the problem to our provider, and -yep- the harddisk had to be replaced again, the O/S had to be re-installed, the accounts had to be configured, and the backups had to be put into place.

While the support team of the provider is, well, engaged it clearly does not understand the situation of the business. No sorry, no explanations, no timeframe until resolution. They just seem to be like on autopilot, sticking to their processes and rules.

This positively sucks. Big time.

We’re now working on an alternative hosting strategy. The next harddisk failure -not all that unlikely to happen within a few weeks time- will see us definitely moving to another company. I’ve had enough of this already.

Ah, in case you are wondering: this site is hosted by Server4You.

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