At the Dentist

The friendly team of my dentist

The friendly team of my dentist
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Today I had a scheduled maintenance session with my dentist. Very refreshing – not! He found a tiny hole and had to fix it. :-( You know, after all those years I have been at his practice, I still am afraid of going to the stool. This certainly has nothing to do with him or his very friendly team; it must be some youth related trauma. Or could it be due to Steve Martin’s performance in “Little Shop of Horrors”?

Anyway, before we started the treatment, I did a couple of photos of the team for their web site. And I take the opportunity to introduce them to you as well (from left): Regina, Gerhard, Eva, Kristina, Angie, Regine, Steffi. A big Thank You for making my treatments as pleasurable as possible! :-)

Gerhard Kornexl, Dentist in Munich (official homepage)
Dentist! from Little Shop of Horrors (at Youtube)

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