Richard Bottram, Mr. Uber-Marathon


Richard Bottram
Richard Bottram talks to Christine Strobl
Photo © 2007 by Mark Zanzig/zettpressToday I photographed the arrival of Richard Bottram on Munich’s Marienplatz. You might not have heard his name before, but you should have. You see, this guy is absolutely crazy. Since June 30, 2006, he has been running a full marathon (i.e. 42 km) every single day, somewhere in Europe. And he plans to continue until June 30, 2007 – a full 365 days! Hence the name of his project: Marathon365.So, on the 236th leg of his trip he was now visiting Munich (again), coming from Ebersberg, just outside of Munich (in fact, er, 42 kilometers away). Bottram was joined by nine other runners, and he arrived on time to meet the press. He was greeted by Munich’s Mayor, Christine Strobl, and the Consul General for The Netherlands, Lionel Strenghart Veer, upon his arrival at the Marienplatz.


Richard Bottram is a vibrant guy, certainly inspiring when you talk to him, and full of athletic energy. But why is he doing all this? He is raising money for the charity “Run against Cancer”. He lost his partner Elise, aged 37, in March 2005 after the previous diagnoses of lung cancer in the summer of 2004. The goal of this unique event is to gather as many donations as possible for the research and direct support of people with cancer. Having lost both my father and my mother to cancer, I wish him and his team good luck for this important project.

For further information on the project, please visit Richard’s web site. (official website)


Happy in Munich: Richard Bottram (center)
Richard Bottram in front of Munich’s city hall*
Photo © 2007 by Mark Zanzig/zettpress*and his supporters (from left): Monique Morssink (Organization & Blogging), Lionel Strenghart Veer (Consul General of The Netherlands), Richard Bottram, Christine Strobl (Mayor of Munich), Eric Bottram (Organization & Support)


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