Cape Agulhas – The Southernmost Point of Africa

The Southernmost Point in Africa

A photo from our trip to South Africa in 2004. It shows Petra at Cape Agulhas, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. So how is it down there? Cold blue water, a sign, and many rocks. That’s about it. And of course tourists taking souvenir photos! :-) But hey, the travel guide says: “Make your mark by taking a picture at Cape Agulhas showing that you, of all the teeming millions in Africa, were the southermost person for that instant in history!” The tip is located 34°49’58″ south and 20°00’12″ east, and it can be found about 1 kilometer west of the Cape Agulhas lighthouse while New York is 12,745 kilometers away! For many years it was popular belief that the two oceans (i.e. Atlantic and Indian Ocean) meet somewhere near Cape of Good Hope. The truth is that Cape Agulhas is the official place where the two oceans meet!

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