Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA (2003)

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA


Antelope Canyon is situated east of Page, Arizona, and it belongs to the Navajo Nation. The walls are light red and change their color constantly, depending on the light that enters through a narrow split in the rock. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk through on a sandy floor. The miracle, however, happens during noon from April to September. Suddenly bright beams of light enter the canyon and illuminate the walls with a subtle light – a truly stunning sight! Usually photographers try to avoid other visitors in their photos, but in this shot from 2002 I wanted to capture them as they were trying to capture a light beam. This also provides you with an idea of the tightness of the space. By the way, to make the lightbeams better visible, you may want to make some dust with your hat. Read more about our USA trip.

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