Where the Hell is Matt?

I think that the popular video sharing site Youtube (now owned by Google) is very similar to music sharing site Napster back in 2000, and it is facing the same legal challenges as Napster did back then. That’s why I usually do not post about anything Youtube related on my blog.

However, once in a while I come across really unique, fresh, high-quality content. The early Chad Vader episodes, for example, were funny and original. But even that did not make me write a blog entry here. I did not want to write about Youtube videos. Until now.

A colleague made me aware of Where the Hell is Matt? by Matt Harding, a 30-year-old bloke from Connecticut. In 2003, he made a trip around the world (low cost, as I understand) and started to film a silly dance in the places he visited. Guess what? The video became extremely popular, and Matt became an Internet icon. Soon after his video floated on the Internet, Matt was asked by Stride Gum to do another trip around the world, sponsored by them, to do more dancing and filming at some unusual places. The result: a six month trip through 39 countries! Now, congrats, Matt, for this excellent deal, and thanks for the awesome video!

Now, if only that would happen to me. For once. ;-)

Where the Hell is Matt? (Video at Youtube)
Where the Hell are Matt’s Outtakes? (Video at Youtube)
Where the Hell was Matt? (Original Video from 2003, at Youtube)
Where the Hell is Matt? (official site)

P.S.: In case you are wondering – yes, we have been to some of the places where Matt has been: Monument Valley, Berlin, The Sossusvlei, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. We did not dance, though. :-)

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