Erecting the Maibaum in Unterhaching, Germany

Erecting the Maibaum in Unterhaching 2016

Yesterday the traditional Maibaum (“May Tree”) has been erected using the traditional means of manual labor over several hours; the Caterpillar is just used to secure the process. The new Maibaum became necessary after the old one got hit by a flash last year. This is another impressive tradition in Bavaria and parts of Southern Germany. Usually the men of the community prepare the tree (often even from the moment it’s been cut) and protect it until it gets erected. They have to watch out as the neighbor communities are up for stealing it (to embarrass the owners). If it gets stolen there’s a ranom to be paid, usually a lot of beer for the thieves. Comes May 1, and the whole village comes to admire and celebrate the new Maibaum.

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