Clara 8 Days Old

Clara Zanzig - 8 days old


In this series – “A Picture A Day” – I will also publish personal posts and memories, including pictures from the Zanzig family archive. This image shows our daughter Clara resting on the arm of Petra. Clara was incredible eight days old then, and of course I think she’s beautiful. (Yep, every father would say this.)

What I find interesting is that when I see her today I see the close resemblance to this very early image. No doubt, that’s Clara on the picture, and she’s so similar to her appearance today. This is something I couldn’t imagine when I took the shot – I had really no idea how she would develop. Yeah, you’re always smarter with hindsight.

Also it’s noteworthy that I’ve moved from classical DSLR photos to point-and-shoot and (mostly) smartphone photos, at least when it comes to taking pictures of Clara. Often she’s so quick, and interesting situations usually come too fast to let you pick up a decent camera, even if it’s a fast camera. My phone is always with me, it takes good enough shots for our family album, and it’s not as intrusive as a big camera. Key learning: The best camera is the camera that gets you the shot that you’re looking for.

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