Flight Across Clayoqout Sound, Vancouver Island

Flight with Tofino Air across Clayocout Sound


Two weeks ago I had my 90-minute flight in a Boeing 747 flight simulator in Munich, and it’s been a fantastic experience. It has inspired me to take up my FSX activities, and I look forward to maybe even take some real flight lessons (in a Cessna) this summer, just for fun.

While working on my skills to safely land a Cessna 172 on a small paved strip I couldn’t help but think back to our truly fantastic flight with Tofino Air across Clayoqout Sound. We took several breathtaking shots, all on slide, and I still think this flight on the west coast of Vancouver Island is among my top-3 travel activities, ever. You can read all about the flight and more about the trip.

I like this specific shot because you can see the Tofino Air brand name. Normally, I’d rather avoid that kind of branding, but in this case it’s part of the story. You see the blue sky, a beautiful coastline featuring endless greens and untouched beaches. A small boat speeds across deep blue water. Mountains dominate the back. Awesome. Still, you have no clue where this shot might have been taken. However, the Tofino Air logo adds the information on where this might be: Somewhere in West Canada, probably close to Tofino, and you get a sense what an incredible place this must be.

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