A Picture A Day…

…keeps the worries away.

For a while (like, three years) I had left the zanzig.com website and blog alone, mostly due to lack of time and motivation to come up with enough original content to keep it alive.

Now I have a couple of ideas on how to turn it into something useful for you, the readers and followers of my site: I’m going to post each day of the year a  photo. Most of these shots will come from my photo archive, either shots that have been published already, or previously unpublished shots. And I’m going to tell the story behind the picture (if there is any story behind it, that it). I’m going to post it in a fairly high resolution, so that it can be viewed on displays with higher resolutions as well.

By the way, as part of my new social initiative, I’ve now activated my long time dormant Twitter account, @Mark_Zanzig – Please feel free to follow me.

Hope you like the photos.

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