Kruger National Park Flooding

After some strong rain there have been terrible floods in the Kruger National Park and the Limpopo province that have destroyed some of the bridges in the park, cutting off some of the rest camps.

So if you are intending to stay in Kruger National Park over the next few days, please do check with your travel agent or tour operator (or directly with SanParks) whether your booked rest camp is actually accessible and available.

Apparently the animals can cope with the weather quite well. David Mabunda, CEO of SanParks (who run the South African National Parks), says in this SABC news report: “We haven’t seen any animal casualties, so the animals are well and sound.” Which is good news in this terrible disaster.

Back in 2000, there had been a similar flood. A sign at the Letaba rest camp shows the peak water level that was reached on 25th February 2000: It was basically on the level of the camp and the rondavels (see picture below). Watching the recent videos from Kruger, it’s clear that the current flood is probably even worse. Honestly, it is weird when I think back to our stay at the camp in November 2011. I remember well that we were quite stunned to just think that the Letaba river could reach such levels. And now, almost two months later, this has become a bitter reality.

Our thoughts are with the people of the region who have lost their homes. Let’s hope that the floods will vanish soon, so that the re-covery can begin.

A sign at the Letaba rest camp indicates the level of the Letaba river during the February 2000 flood. (Photographed 26/11/2011)
Mark Zanzig

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