RescuePro’s Amazing Customer Service

When we came back from South Africa and Botswana, I seemed to have an issue with one of my many SanDisk memory cards: On that card all the content seemed to be gone, but the file system seemed to be intact, and the card was working as designed; I could access the card without problems. I was completely puzzled as I never had that before. I was looking for help on the Web, and I came across LC-Tech, the company that offers RescuePro, PhotoRecovery, and FileRecovery – state-of-the art file recovery software for anyone experiencing file corruption. I downloaded the trial version, and I used it trying to recover the data.

Guess what? I have been able to recover the files fine, albeit not using the RecuePro tool (which I tried on other cards and it worked like a charm). In the end, it turned out to be all my fault. The card that was giving me the problems was a properly formatted, empty card I had never used before (purchased solely for this trip), and it turned out that I just believed that the data had been lost. In fact it was just the wrong card. Huh? Yes: One of the memory cards with the images had slipped deep into the camera bag into one of those dark corners of the bag, completely out of sight, and I found it only after emptying the bag. When I found that card, it was the card with all the missing images, and no need for rescue software!

The most amazing moment, however, happened long after that: Ray from LC-Tech called me (and left a voice mail) to check whether I had been able to successfully recover the data using RescuePro. That’s amazing, truly outstanding customer service. Just think of it – when was the last time a company actually cared about whether a user has been able to reach his/her goals? Must be a loooong time ago. Well, for me anyway.

Many many thanks to Ray and the entire RescuePro team! Both thumbs up! Should I ever come across a real loss of data, RescuePro will be my very first choice to recover my data.

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