Lightroom 2 – International pricing is a joke

So, Adobe finally released Version 2 of Lightroom. Adobe’s Tom Hoggarty has put together the official list of improvements at the Lightroom Journal.

I ordered Lightroom 2 on Friday but I have not seen the software yet, so I can not yet comment on the software quality of this release, or the coolness of the new features.

But as an international customer I can say that I feel ripped off by Adobe. The announcement on the official page read Upgrade to Lightroom 2 for $99. This is a price tag that is an “almost fair price”, considering that the software by now should be bug free (this time, really) and stuffed with new exciting features. I was ready to shell out the money for it. But I was surprised when I realized that Adobe won’t sell the software to me at $99. They won’t sell because I am from Germany. Huh?

As an international customer you are forced to buy at your respective local Adobe online store. And these stores -despite belonging to Adobe- can apparently set their own prices for each market. And for Germany the net price (ex VAT) is 99 Euros which converts to $154.20! That’s a hefty 55.8% markup for no (zero) additional value. I get the same software with the same functionality. I would even take a plain English version as I have no need for translated user interface. Still Adobe squeezes another $55 from me, and I can hear a devilish laughter coming from the Silicon Valley HQ.

This is grossly unfair. By the way, my complaint is not about the money. It is about the feeling of being ripped off, which certainly is not a good feeling. And I am not the only one feeling this way. This thread at the official Adobe user-to-user forum is quite eye opening if you ask me. While we’re at it, maybe Adobe also finds a way to sell Lightroom to users from Iceland?

One thing is certain: Unless Adobe changes its international pricing policy, I will refrain from buying any other upgrade from them. Photoshop has reached its end-of-life by now; further useful updates are not necessary any longer. Lightroom has a more powerful competitor in Apple’s Aperture. Too bad you need Apple hardware for this. But the next time Adobe wants money for a Lightroom update, I’ll switch to Apple. Please take my word for it. :-)

P.S.: Lightroom 2 review follows as soon as the package has been delivered.

One Response to “Lightroom 2 – International pricing is a joke”

  1. Richard Wong says:

    What a scam Mark. Doesn’t make any sense on Adobe’s part. Russia probably pays $99. :-)