UFO in Unterhaching, Germany

We live next to a canola field, and a few days ago I noticed an alien metallic object on this field – something that could have only been an UFO. It was huge, had bright lights, a long tender beak, and it moved in a bizarre fashion. It also made loud slurping noises. I immediately saw my chance of a lifetime. I, among all the photographers in the world, had been chosen to witness the first genuine contact with an intelligence that was from outer space, clearly way beyond our own mental capabilities.

The sun had set a while ago, and it was beginning to get dark quickly. I managed to only capture a few shots at ISO 1000, before I ran away screaming. I realized that the aliens clearly were not on a friendly mission – where the canola field had been before, just a short stubble remained. The multitude of life forms in this field – extinguished. And the aliens were after me, too. The UFO came closer and closer, quickly, and I ran and ran but seemed to not get ground. And then I stumbled, fell, and thought my hour had come. I could barely save my camera, something that was more important to me than anything else in that moment.

And then the miracle happened – the object stopped abruptly, turned around, and moved away from me quickly. I was saved! I quickly got up and went home, downloaded the photos to three different hard disks, for redundancy reasons, and went back to our garden to observe the object from behind a bush. About twenty minutes later, the object simply disappeared. I had blinked, and it was gone. Scaringly, the whole canola field was gone as well. Wow. Talk about supernatural forces.

Of course, I did not tell anyone of this encounter. I first wanted to make up my mind whether I should keep quiet, or make the public aware of this? Who knows, what the aliens will do to me once they figure out that I betrayed them? But a journalist has to do his job, however uncomfortable it may get. The truth has to get out! And if you aliens are reading this blog (I’m sure you do), let me tell you this: I AM NOT AFRAID of you!


Harvester at night
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Canon 1ds mk II with EF 70-200 mm 2.8 L (at 200 mm), 1/60 sec., f/3.6, ISO 1000, no tripod, 6000 K, RAW, converted with Lightroom

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  1. latoga says:

    Great story Mark! I would have expected you to save this one for next April 1st… :-)