The Canon manual that should have come with your EOS camera

Stefan Steib of Hartblei made me aware of a free guidebook for professional photographers using Canon EOS cameras. Apparently this has been published by Canon USA, so that you have to go to Canon’s U.S. pages in order to see it.

The 7.6 MB file is a 92 page PDF document, and it is certainly worth the download. They put two pages next to each other, which makes reading on the screen a bit cumbersome, but the content is an interesting read, especially for beginners with Canon EOS cameras. Clustered into two main groups, “Shooting” and “Data Processing”, the book explains the complete digital workflow in detail, from equipment selection to using the camera, and finally post-processing your images for professional use. I personally find the tips for shooting (pages 32 to 47) most interesting, because it helps me to improve my daily work on location. Many photos provide excellent examples of different settings and workstyles (though the PDF format does not bring across all the fine details of the examples).

I think this book should have come with the camera, even if some of the tips do not apply to everyone. It’s what every user of an EOS should have. For semi-pros and pros it is a must.

Canon’s EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals

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