Moon over Unterhaching

Moon over Unterhaching
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Yesterday we had one of those wonderful clear summer evenings, and I could not resist to take my tripod and capture the beauty of the moon against the light blue sky. Well, nothing too spectacular, given that Google lists “about 148 million” entries for the query photos of the moon, but then again, now it’s 148,000,001 entries. :-)

For those who are interested: Canon 1ds mark II with EF 100-400 4.5-5.6 L IS (at 400 mm), ISO 100, f/40, 1/6 sec, tripod, postprocessing with Lightroom 1.4.1 and Photoshop CS3. This image is cropped.

One Response to “Moon over Unterhaching”

  1. Peer says:

    How come you picked my moon from here in Offenburg where I live? I saw THAT moon recently, looked exactly the same! So what is this thing about “over Unterhaching” then? Looks like you claim that stolen good just for yourself, doesn’t it?

    And while we’re at it, do you have a distribution license? Did you ask the Author of the moon for permission? Can you provide a model license of my moon?