Nifty New Feature: Random Image on Homepage

Well, what can I say? It’s hot over here in Munich as the Euro 2008 heads towards the final match this Sunday, with Germany being the surprise finalist this year. So we at should have a cool beer and celebrate (or do a couple of news shots at one of the many parties tonight).

But we also wanted to give you a cool web experience when visiting our site. :-) And so we worked on the homepage a little. It now serves a random image from a set of currently 20 photos, complete with matching background color, location name and exact coordinates. And even more: in the top right corner you’ll see the link “Show me another photo”, which does exactly that (except, well, for the unlikely case of selecting the same image again. *cough*). The widget is written in Javascript, so if you have disabled Javascript, you won’t see any of this.

Also, please note that we are now displaying ads for the friendly folks at B&H, our preferred source for professional imaging products. B&H is the world’s leading retailer of imaging products, serving professionals and consumers through their New York City retail store and through direct delivery internationally. We are confident that they will serve you as well as they do serve us.

If you want to have a look at the new stuff, here’s the link to our homepage. now serves a random image on the homepage offers to show another, randomly selected image now

2 Responses to “Nifty New Feature: Random Image on Homepage”

  1. Dietmar says:

    “…location name and exact coordinates…” – well, the only thing we might miss now is a real map link, right?

    – Dietmar

  2. admin says:

    I knew that you’d be saying this. *big grin* And my answer is this: it’s in the works. I’m thinking of a link to Google Maps of some sorts. Stay tuned!