Where the Hell is Matt, 2008 edition

Matt Harding sent a mail that the 2008 edition of his popular dancing clip is available now. Courtesy of the folks from Stride he could continue to travel the world in 2007 and 2008 and do his funny dance. This year he did so with a twist (no pun intended): He was joined by his fans who performed their own version of his dance together with Matt. And this concept worked extremely well:


Kudos to Matt for this brilliant clip. It’s a joy to watch, and to hear (I really like the music). Matt goes to show that people all around the world can truly be united by simply dancing (well, except that soldier in the Demilitarized Zone of Korea). This video is perfect, both in its intentions, and its execution. Well done, and thanks for sharing!


As to the locations, Matt again visited some of the most remote spots on Earth. There are countless cool places, many of which I still need to see some time in my life, but I am glad that I could identify at least 13 locations I have been to before – in order of appearance: Teotihuacan, Madrid, Dublin, London, Stockholm, Munich (yes!), Lisbon, Cape of Good Hope, Mexico City, San Francisco, Vancouver, Paris, and Los Angeles. :-)

By the way, when Matt came to Munich, I took a couple of shots of Melissa and him, and the dancers, and I had the chance to have a short chat with him. He is a nice guy, really. I wish him all the luck for the next project, whatever it may be.

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