Adobe Lightroom 2.6.1 update woes

Repeat after me: Never change a running system!

I was quite happy with my installation of Lightroom 2.5, but as I was working on a recent set where I needed a web gallery, I found that Lightroom 2.5 was behaving strangely. After pressing the “Export” button nothing happened. Nothing. The software would create the directory, and then did nothing. Nothing at all. About five minutes later the export started. Of course, I had pressed the “Export” button three times by then, and so all of a sudden there were three export processes running at the same time. (Insert swear word here.)

So I thought, maybe, just maybe an upgrade to the latest Lightroom was in order. I went to the Adobe web site and found the most recent update to version 2.6.1. Good. A couple of minutes later the upgrade was in progress. Fine.

And then: after the restart of Lightroom, the software presented me with a German user interface!?! (Insert another swear word here.)

I checked the settings under Bearbeiten > Voreinstellungen and guess what? It says: Sprache: Englisch

Screenshot: After upgrade to version 2.6.1, Adobe Lightroom does not respect the language preference set by the user in the previous version

I restarted Lightroom again, heck, I even restarted my computer hoping that this would cure the problem. It did not. (Insert yet another swear word here.) I was yelling in front of my computer:

Listen, Adobe! Yes, I am woring on a German computer, yet


a) You get better support for Lightroom in English language, but only if you know the right terms. It’s impossible to know these terms when you are working on a German translation of the user interface.

b) The German help function does not work at all. When I open up Hilfe > Hilfe zu Lightroom, all I get is a link to which is, frankly, not very helpful at all. The English version at least forwards me directly to the respective Lightroom help pages.

But hey, I could fix the problem on my own. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Open Bearbeiten > Voreinstellungen and select German as language (even if this is not what you want and thus makes little sense).

Step 2 – Restart Lightroom. Lightroom starts (again) with a German user interface. Surprise!

Step 3 – Open Bearbeiten > Voreinstellungen again, and now select English as language again!

Step 4 – Restart Lightroom again. Now it starts with an English user interface. Hoorah.

Huh? What genius programmer worked on that?

Repeat after me: Never change a running system!

(Insert final swear word.)

2 Responses to “Adobe Lightroom 2.6.1 update woes”

  1. ProX says:

    Wow, thanks :)

  2. juliaL49 says:

    This annoying bug is still there in LR 4. But thanks to your tip I now have it an english user interface :) Thank you!