Lightroom Performance

While waiting for another set of photos being exported, I thought I check the performance of Lightroom again, just out of curiosity. The PC is the same as in the previous test, yet this test uses Lightroom 1.3 – which is not the latest version, I know, but a version that works OK for me.

From the photo shooting I selected 609 images, all available as Canon RAW files. 443 of these came from the 1ds mark II, 166 came from the 1d mark II N, i.e.:

a) 443 x 4992 x 3328 = 7,359,725,568 pixels to be processed
b) 166 x 3504 x 2336 = 1,358,767,104 pixels to be processed

This took 113 minutes, for a total of 8,718,492,672 pixels. In other words: Lightroom 1.3 exports about 1.29 megapixels per second, which is slightly slower than the 1.51 megapixel/second I got from Lightroom 1.1. From this I can calculate the average processing time for my cameras as:

Canon 1ds mark II = 12.9 seconds
Canon 1d mark II N = 6.4 seconds

These times turn out to be surprisingly accurate, as I manually stopped a few exports and got 13-something for the 1ds mark II files, and 7 seconds for the 1d mark II N.

Obviously, the time depends on the actions performed on the images, but as I tend to do very little heavy editing this should not change the overall result too much. Also, I am aware of this being a one-time examination and not a full-blown scientific study.

Now, where do I get a faster laptop? ;-)

P.S.: Tests were done using a Windows XP SP2 laptop with Intel Core Duo T2300E and 1 GB of memory.

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