Oktoberfest 2008 Beer Price +5%

Who said that Oktoberfest in Munich is cheap entertainment? It isn’t.

Today the tent owners announced their official beer prices for Oktoberfest 2008. Prices for “a Mass” (i.e. one liter of beer) will range this year from 7.80 to 8.30 Euro! In 2007, this range was still between 7.30 and 7.90 Euro, so the fans of the fest are facing a price increase of roughly 5%! Add to this the increased tip for the waitresses (which is not included in the beer price), and you end up with more than 5% increase.

A Mass of Hofbräu Beer
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

The cheapest beer will be available at the Wienerwald Festzelt, where a mass of Hofbräu beer will indeed cost just 7.80 Euros. All the big tents are above the 8 Euro mark, many of them even charging the maximum of 8.30 Euro.

Well, I won’t complain. To me, it’s all a matter of supply and demand, and there seems to be tremendous demand for having a beer in the big tents, which justifies the high price. Also, one should remember that beer is in general quite expensive in Munich. The tourism office has done some research: outside the Oktoberfest grounds you pay between 6.20 and 7.80 Euros for a liter of beer – not cheap either.


For further information on the fest, please read our Oktoberfest FAQ (at oktoberfest-insider.com).

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