Happy New Year 2010

Bad Tölz in Germany on Sunday, 3rd January 2010
Mark Zanzig

Now that the Christmas time has passed peacefully, at least in the small town of Unterhaching in Southern Bavaria, we have entered into a new year. So both Petra and myself wish you a happy, successful, and healthy new year 2010!

I promised that I will dedicate more blog posts on photography this year, whenever time permits, providing some tipps and tricks for those who get started with photography, and further insights into the business side of the topic for those who are thinking of -gulp- making money from photography. If nothing else, I will post more photos to the blog.

Yesterday, Petra and I made a short trip to the beautiful town of Bad Tölz, some fifty kilometers from Unterhaching. Bad Tölz was almost entirely covered with snow, which provided a glistening brightness (note to beginners: if you want to capture such brightness correctly you will need to overexpose slightly). On our drive to Bad Tölz the outdoor temperature was between -4 °C and -7 °C which is not too bad. Yet, it certainly felt cooler when we were walking the steep path up the hill to the church, the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche that overlooks the town center. The curch alone is a valid reason to come to Bad Tölz; it has a long history that shows in every detail inside.

I had brought my 1Ds mark III, and its massive body was getting really cold, thanks to the icy wind. But the camera did what it was supposed to do – shoot happily along while my increasingly trembling fingers where trying to get a grip on the camera. This did not really change in the coldness of the church, and my breath would continue to produce tiny clouds upon exhaling.

Here are some more photos from Bad Tölz:

View across Bad Tölz in Germany on 3rd January 2010
Mark Zanzig

Isar River in Bad Tölz, with the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche sitting on top of the hill, overlooking the river and the town
Mark Zanzig

People enjoy a walk in the fresh snow of Bad Tölz in Germany
Mark Zanzig

The Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in Bad Tölz, Germany.
Mark Zanzig

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