Russian Space Shuttle Buran in Cologne

My colleague and friend Oliver Staack of Lichtbildwerk sent me a couple of shots of the Russian Space Shuttle Buran as it got loaded onto a freighter in Cologne, Germany, a few days back. The shuttle was on its long way to the Technical Museum of Speyer, where it will be on display next to a full-size Boing 747 Jumbo Jet, and other 70+ aircraft and helicopters.

Seeing this huge object (half plane, half rocket) on the Rhine river is certainly a rare sight and a good opportunity for some nice shots, even for a well-seasoned press photographer. In the twilight of the approaching sunset, Oliver took a long lense and captured the big bird with the Cologne Dome, the traditional landmark of the city, in the back.

Space Shuttle Buran in Cologne
Oliver Staack/Lichtbildwerk

Buran Shuttle in Cologne Germany
Oliver Staack/Lichtbildwerk

Space Shuttle on Rhine
Oliver Staack/Lichtbildwerk

I know Oliver for ages, really. He is passionate about photography (and filming), and he has been working as freelancer in the Cologne area for almost two decades by now, covering The Netherlands, Belgium, and the rest of Europe. Please feel free to contact him anytime with suitable photo assignments.

Thanks, Oliver for sharing.

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