The CO2 Scam

If you have been to Europe this winter, you might have noticed that something essential was badly missing: snow! And it’s true – we had almost no snow in Munich this season. Even worse: a good number of holiday makers were not able to use their skis in the Alps. Some might think that this was just an unusually warm winter as it happens from time to time. I remember well last year when we had lots of snow (and people were complaining loudly as well). So we all could move on, attributing this to the weather.

But not our politicians! This unusual warm winter has given them the new enemy they have been looking for since 9/11. It’s an enemy bigger than any living (or dead) terrorist, and defeatable only within the next twenty to fifty years, if at all. This enemy is – “the global warming”. Just open any newspaper or watch any TV newscast, I bet that you will read and hear the words “global warming” and “CO2″. It is apparently the perfect reason to demand new obscure taxes from us and create new ridiculous laws. Some countries have already forbidden plain light bulbs! Now, how about plasma screens or SUVs? They seem to be wasting so much more energy than light bulbs. Probably this was just a test, to see whether the CO2 story could work. So far it has worked beautifully, and soon they will be able to force upon us whatever comes to their minds, from prohibiting cars in a certain color to drinking beer at a restaurant or using the toilet at 3 am in the morning. Hey is that a book you are reading? Sorry mate, we can’t afford to cut trees any longer for paper, you know, due to the CO2 and the global warming and stuff! So, starting next year you’ll have to pay $0.01 annual paper tax (APT) per page for all your books.

But seriously, the first politicians see the potential to finally keep the people in the country and have them spend their money in-country (instead of abroad). And all that without building any walls! “Germans should rather take a bicycle and drive along the river Rhine instead of going overseas”, demanded one German politician a few days ago. However, when it comes to their travel behaviour, politicians do not want to step back. They are so important that they have to use the biggest cars and do trips to 3rd world countries with beautiful beaches.

I believe that this whole global warming story is probably the biggest scams of all, and I am not alone. A search for “CO2 scam” delivers a number of very interesting results. Next time, when you hear or read about “CO2″ and “global warming” and the consequences for us as citizens, please remember this post. Don’t be fooled by our politicians!

Ah, and if you can’t travel because of the high taxes, why not have a look at my travel photos?

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Update 03-JUL-08 – Apparently now others are picking up on the inconsistencies in the official storylines as well, e.g. The Register. Please also make sure to read my review of Michael Crichton’s excellent State of Fear.

4 Responses to “The CO2 Scam”

  1. Dietmar says:

    Well Mark, for some reason I am not suprised to read this article here. :)

    The whole thing somehow reminds me of the book “State of Fear” (“Welt in Angst”) by Michael Crichton which I read one year ago. There he let his characters revise a number of “well known” facts about global warming etc.

    Probably somehow one-sided as well but I agree that one should always search for an own truth instead of relying on what the headlines say. Or politicans.

    – Dietmar

  2. admin says:

    I just finished the review of the book. Please read it here.

  3. Glenn Knight says:

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t try and find ways to stop CO2, but the big problem is with NOX and HC’s because these two gases combined creates SMOG, and if we don’t put a stop to smog soon we won’t be able to breath in a few years, and then we won’t have to worry about CO2.

    In my opinion CO2 is not a concern, it’s just a long term money maker for large R&D industries to scam us tax payers, and if they were really concerned about the environment and human health they would have been using Environmental Control Corporation’s catalytic muffler for all off road engines years ago.


    Glenn Knight
    Chief Scientific Officer
    Environmental Control Corporation

  4. Lionel King says:

    I worry that all the talk about carbon trading…global warming is an attack on the poor of the world and the developing countries
    What if the world cools instead… much science yet to be done and also we are not told of the actions to take advantage of warming …if true
    Science is not a matter of democracy but truth…