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Mammoth Lakes Scenic Vista

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Yes, I admit. I am guilty. I am a travel junkie, and I am a photographer. And I love to see and photograph beautiful places around the world.

Every once in a while I see a place that is so beautiful that other photographers see it in a similar way. Usually, these shots are still so different that you can spot the differences. But today, I came across a blog post by fellow photographer Richard Wong from California. In 2009 he went all the way up to the Mammoth Lakes to shoot Twin Lakes from the Lake Mary Road. When I saw his photo, I remembered that beautiful spot very well, and I even remembered standing at the Lake Mary Road taking a surprisingly similar shot. That was in September 2003. (See more photos from that trip.)

I was infected now. I just had to open the archives and pull out the file to see how much the area has changed since 2003. After all – six years must have changed something, right?

Turns out the spot has remained more or less unchanged. Richard captured its beauty in 2009 as well as I did six years earlier. He probably used a tele (200 mm?) when I used something 85-ish or so (for the shot at the bottom I used a wider angle, probably a 35 mm). Clearly, he used his 5D mark II while I had to use my trusted Canon film camera and some Fuji slide film back then. Gosh, how I would love to go there again with the equipment I have today! Anyway, the images were so similar that I tried an overlay, and voilá – a perfect match / see below.

Richard and Mark – separated at birth? ;-)

Here is the respective Bing map of the place. Can you figure out where we stood when we captured the place?

Mammoth Lakes Scenic Vista, September 2003

Mark Zanzig

Mammoth Lakes Scenic Vista 2003 and 2009
Mark Zanzig and Richard Wong (Insert)

The same vista taken with a wide angle lens
Mark Zanzig

Yve is to blame II

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Two runners access the snowy recreational park of Unterhaching
Mark Zanzig

Overnight, the recreational park of Unterhaching has changed into Winter Wonderland once again, inviting for the discovery of the frozen world
Mark Zanzig

Children have painted a giant heart into the fresh snow
Mark Zanzig

Unterhaching/Germany, 07-MAR-10 — Again, Southern Bavaria has been covered by several Inches of fresh powder snow. Yesterday, a low pressure system called Yve had directed a cold stream of air and snow towards Bavaria causing severe traffic problems. Today, after a snowy night, people enjoy the cool air and the bright sunlight. Where possible, they engage in activities like jogging and cross-country skiing or just taking a walk.

Yve is to blame

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Heavy snowfall caused cars to drive slowly on the A8 close to Munich
Mark Zanzig

A car drives through heavy snow on the A8 close to Munich
Mark Zanzig

Cars drive through heavy snow on a remote road close to Munich
Mark Zanzig

Munich/Germany, 06-MAR-10 — Yve is to blame. The low pressure system with the French name has brought winter chaos and freezing temperatures to big parts of Northern Europe. Today it has reached Munich: in the early afternoon the snowfall was so dense that you could hardly see 100 meters. Traffic was severely affected. The photo shows cars crawling on the Autobahn 8 close to Munich. However, it should be noted that such extreme snow in March is not unusual in Southern Germany. The photographer captured Munich after heavy snowfall almost exactly four years ago.