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Inofficial Oktoberfest Hit Song 2009

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

16 days of Oktoberfest madness come to an end today, and the public has found the inofficial “Wies’n Hit 2009″, i.e. the one song that was new in 2009 and received immediate root support by both the visitors to the festival and the bands in the beer tents. You know immediately that you face a Oktoberfest hit song when the band plays the song about once an hour, and the visitors know the songtext inside-out. This year it is Chris Boettcher’s 10 Meter geh’ (“walk 10 meters” in English). It is a truly Bavarian song, complete with oompa music (and thus perfect for Oktoberfest)!

The song is a funny little number that explores the difficult world of “top model” casting shows where the girls actually do not much more than to walk ten meters, something that everybody can do from early childhood. :-) Here is the respective video on Youtube: 10 Meter geh’. Very funny!

Chris Boettcher/