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Back from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Québec

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Petra and I returned this morning from our three week trip that took us from Halifax (Nova Scotia) to Montréal (Québec). Three weeks full of beautiful landscapes, rural wilderness, excellent food, and some of the friendliest people we have ever met on our trips. Fortunately, this more than evened out the slight issues we had with the weather. Even the local weather station mentioned repeatedly “the unusually low temperatures and unseasonal weather conditions this summer”, almost always promising sunshine to “finally arrive within the next couple of days”.

Often, this remained just an empty promise. So, for example, when we visited the stunning Cape George Point, all we could see was fog. Fog, that’s the white stuff in the back of this shot, where you would normally see a beautiful horizon made of dark blue sea and light blue sky.

2nd July 2009 – Cape George Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

Despite the rainy weather and overcast sky, we took about 3,500 photos that I will handpick now and make available in the future, along with a bag full of tips for travellers wanting to explore eastern Canada. (Which reminds me that I have still a couple of other sets waiting for you, uh-oh.) Yeah, not all of the shots will be stellar, just because of the dull light, yet we still managed to capture some exciting fresh photos of the region.

So, please stay tuned.