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O’zapft is – Oktoberfest, 2008 edition

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Today, Munich’s Lord Mayor, Christian Ude, opened the 175th Oktoberfest in the Schottenhamel tent. He used just two hits to open the first 200 liter barrel of beer and yelled “O’zapft is” (“it’s open!”), followed by wishes for a peaceful festival for all visitors.

Now Munich’s Theresienwiese will be the center of the attention for the next 16 days. I’ll be out to the fest this afternoon and almost daily over the next few days; when I get around I’ll post a few photos for those who can not attend.

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Hardware Update – Long Overdue

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

I was on the phone when the postman rang twice yesterday. I could not leave the phone conference, so I silently opened the door, pointed to the phone, and gestured to please put the parcel somewhere into the hallway. Then I put the phone akwardly between my neck and my shoulder and signed that dreaded electronic receipt. Then the postman (who was actually a woman) was gone.

The parcel had arrived. No, wrong. MY parcel had arrived. But I could not open the parcel with just one hand. Bugger! So I had to wait. Listening to the folks on the conference call, adding a few statements now and then. Seconds became minutes. Minutes became almost an hour. Then the call was over. Finally. My heart raced. Adrenaline was pumped into the body. Pure excitement.

I rushed to the kitchen to get a knife.

Then I opened it. My parcel.

Parcel containing 1ds mk III and 1d mk III
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

And indeed, just as the dealer had promised, the cardboard box contained my long overdue hardware update, sitting between hundreds of small styrofoam beans: a brand new Canon 1ds mark III, and its smaller, faster sister, the 1d mark III. Beautiful. Awesome. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. I am lacking words to describe these cameras. But I am getting carried away.

My main reasons for the update:

  1. Automatic sensor cleaning (unmissable, really)
  2. Color depth 14 bit (instead of 12 bit)
  3. 21 Megapixel (on the 1ds mark III)

Plus a few more nice details, like the larger display, the smaller batteries, or the improved viewfinder correction knob.

I am certain that my clients will also just love the images these new babies will crank out!

Having said that, despite Canon having changed the handling just slightly, I guess I will still need some time until the new handling will have sunk in. I think I am going to use the opening of the Oktoberfest next week for a first full fashioned test. I’ll keep you posted. :-)

Canon 1ds mark III
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Lago Maggiore and Tuscany

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Everyone seems to be on holiday these days, and we’re making no exception. :-) We’ve been away for a short trip to Lago Maggiore and Tuscany, and all I can say is – beautiful!

This was meant to be a vacation, so I took minimalistic equipment (just the 1ds mk II and the 24-70 mm lens) which was a nice change. No lens change hazzle, no heavy bags to carry, just a very light camera/lens combo to get a few decent shots should there be an opportunity. And there were some opportunities – below is just a tiny selection quickly slapped together. Expect a more elaborate set soon. In the meantime, why not check our pages with Photos from Italy from previous trips?

Woman with sunglasses looking at a road map
Checking our route on the map
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Panorama photo view across the Swiss part of Lago Maggiore at night, with Brissago and Ascona
Evening view across the northern part of Lago Maggiore from the Hotel Bellavista in Brissago, with the city of Ascona in the back. This part of the lake belongs to Switzerland. (click to enlarge)
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

View across Lago Maggiore with palm trees in the front
Lago Maggiore
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

A tourist admires Monastero San Giuseppe above Locarno, Switzerland
A tourist admires Monastero San Giuseppe above Locarno, Switzerland.
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Two worshippers do a silent prayer at the beautiful Monastero San Giuseppe in Locarno
Two worshippers do a silent prayer at the beautiful Monastero San Giuseppe in Locarno.
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

A kid walks along the tiny beach of Ascona in the afternoon sun
A kid walks along the tiny beach of Ascona in the afternoon sun.
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Street Café at night, Parma, Italy
Street Café “Dolcevita” at night, Parma, Italy
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Dome of Florence (August 2008)
The magnificient Dome of Florence, Italy.
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Piazza Il Campo, Siena, Italy (August 2008)
Piazza Il Campo, Siena, Italy.
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Panoramic view of Tuscany's gently rolling hills against the early morning sun
Panoramic view of Tuscany’s gently rolling hills against the early morning sun.
Mark Zanzig/zettpress