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Lightroom and Canon RAW Color Temperature

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

OK – I admit that I am still using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3 – yet the bug I discovered yesterday is annoying, and I do not believe it to be fixed in the bug fixes issued after 1.3.

Apparently, Lightroom is unable to correctly read the color temperature from the 1ds mark II when the camera has been set to a fixed value. I was shooting a wedding yesterday, and I tried using a fixed color temperature of 5800 K in order to get realistic skin tones for immediate review on the venue. On the camera display, the results were already promising. Yet, when I imported the photos to Lightroom, the software shows a color temperature of 5450 K in Develop Mode, while still claiming this to be “as shot”.

At first, I thought I accidently changed the setting on the camera, but no – even now the camera shows 5800 K.

So why, the heck, is Lightroom displaying a different value?

[Edit: Added two pictures for clarification]

Color temperature 5800 K on 1d mark II N
Color temperature on camera is forced to 5800 K…

Lightroom WB display
…yet Lightroom insists that I did the shot at 5450 K?!