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Sunday, April 1st, 2007


St. Peter (1943)
My Grandmother walking along the beach of St. Peter (1943)
Photo © 2007 by Mark Zanzig/The Zanzig Archive/zettpress 

St. Peter Ording (2007)
Petra hopping on the beach of St. Peter (2007)
Photo © 2007 by Mark Zanzig/zettpress


We were off for a few days to Northern Germany, to the beautiful village of St. Peter Ording. It is situated directly at the North Sea, surrounded on three sides by the sea. It has a long history for holiday makers and wellness-seekers, and suddenly I remembered that my mother had told me that she spent some summers with her family in St. Peter when she was very young. And indeed, when we were home I looked up the old photos and found a number of photos surprisingly similar to the photos that I took of the area.

One of the most photographed attractions are the buildings on stiltz, containing a cafe and restaurant (right) and restrooms (left) for those going to the beach during high season. As you can see, end March was still too cold to lay down your towel and take a sunbath, but I am sure you get the idea. :-)

Anyway, it was an interesting trip, and even more interesting to discover the old photos. By now, some of them are 60+ years old, and a number of them seem to be already damaged seriously. When I have time, I will scan all those pictures to preserve them for the next generations.

Ah, if only I had the time.