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Welcome to my new WordPress blog

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Back in May 2006, I opened my first blog for I wanted to learn about blogging and to use a format that was different from the rest of my site. In fact, I wanted to write about developments on the site and other random musings that came into my mind. So I opened an account with and I ran the blog for the past nine months. The blogging experience was so positive, that I soon found myself blogging regularly. was easy enough, and it did exactly what I wanted, in a simple, easy-to-use interface. But then Google (the new owners of Blogger) forced a new system upon the Blogger community. They called it “the New Blogger”, and guess what? After switching to the New Blogger, I saw sloooowwwwww loading times, and pictures would often not load at all. Sometimes crytic error messages would appear. (Read more about the problems in this awesome post by Gregg Scott). And I started to re-think my blog strategy. But unlike Gregg, I would not wait another 187 days until Google/Blogger fix their systems.

And so I switched to WordPress. :-)

A big thank you to the WordPress team for providing a reliable software for free.